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Oscar David Uriostegui

Charge: 40-6-391(A)(1) - DUI/Alcohol/Less Safe (Pend...
Charge: 16-13-30(j) - Purchase, Possession, Manufact...
Arrest/Booking Date
Date Arrested: 01/21/2023 - about 1 year 20 weeks ago
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Details (at time of Arrest/Booking)
Oscar David Uriostegui




Date Arrested


Charge Desc: 1
Charge Description: Charge: 40-6-391(A)(1) - DUI/Alcohol/Less Safe (Pending)
Charge Desc: 2
Charge Description: Charge: 16-13-30(j) - Purchase, Possession, Manufacture, Distribute Marijuana less than one ounce (Pending)
Data Charts
Daily Arrest/Booking
Past 7 days from date Arrested/Booked 01/21/2023
Daily Arrest/Booking by Gender
Past 7 days from date Arrested/Booked 01/21/2023
Arrest/Booking by Race
December 2022. Month prior to date Arrested/Booked
Public Resources

Local Public Resources

Cities/Communities/Towns in Douglas County, Georgia

  • Austell
  • Douglasville
  • Lithia Springs
  • Villa Rica

Jail Location(s) in Douglas County, Georgia

  • DCSO - Douglas County Sheriff's Office, Jail Division - 8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd., Douglasville, GA 30134

County and Local Law Enforcement Public Information

Douglas County Sheriff's Office (DCSO), Georgia

"Law enforcement must become more involved within their local communities. We have to get out and interact with people and their children so that we make personal connections..." Address: 8470 Earl D. Lee Blvd., Douglasville, GA 30134

Douglasville Police Department (DPD), Georgia

"The primary purpose of the Douglasville Police Department is to maintain social order within prescribed ethical and constitutional limits, while providing professional law enforcement services..." Address: 2083 Fairburn Rd, Douglasville, GA 30135

Austell Police Department (APD), Georgia

"Police and 911. The Austell Police Department is charged with the responsibility of serving and safeguarding the residents, businesses, and visitors within our city limits..." Address: 2721 Joe Jerkins Blvd., Austell, GA 30106

County and Local Judicial Public Information

Douglas County Courts, Georgia

"Clerk of State Court, Clerk of Superior Court, District Attorney, Juvenile Court, Juvenile Programs Administration, Magistrate Court, Probate Court, Public Defender, Solicitor-General, State Court, Juvenile Public Defender."

Douglasville Municipal Court, Georgia

"The Douglasville Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the City of Douglasville. The mission of the Municipal Court is to promote justice and provide prompt, courteous service in an efficient, professional manner while being dedicated to the principals of impartiality, fairness, and integrity..."

Douglasville Municipal Court, Georgia

"Austell Municipal Court is the judicial branch of the government of Austell. Court Services is responsible for processing all traffic citations, local ordinance violations, and misdemeanor state law violations issued by the Police Department..."

County and Local Government Public Information

Douglas County, Georgia - County Website

"Welcome to Douglas County. Douglas County, GA | Official Website"

City of Douglasville, Georgia - City Website

"Douglasville is a unique blend of small-town charm coupled with metropolitan amenities. We offer the ideal environment for startups and small businesses, providing high tech centers and fortune 500 companies the infrastructure for growth..."

City of Austell, Georgia - City Website

"It is the mission of the City of Austell to provide advanced opportunities by meeting current and future needs of those living in, doing business with, and visiting the City..."
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