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Brian Oneil Nichols

Arrest/Booking Date
Date Arrested: 03/16/2021 - about 3 years 5 weeks ago
Date Admitted: 03/17/2021 - about 3 years 5 weeks ago
Jail #
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Details (at time of Arrest/Booking)
Brian Oneil Nichols
First Name
Middle Name
Last Name


Height (ft)
5' 6"
Height (cm)
167 cm


Jail #
Date Arrested
Date Admitted
Time Admitted
01:08 (1:08 AM)
Arresting Agency
Jacksonville Sheriff'S Office


Charge Type: MISD
Statute: 784.03(1)(A)(2)Search Statute
Charge Bond: 5003
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Using keyword: BATTERY
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February 2021. Month prior to date Arrested/Booked
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  • Baldwin
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Jail Location(s) in Duval County, Florida

  • JSO - Pretrial Detention Facility, 500 E Adams St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • JSO - Montgomery Correctional Center, 4727 Lannie Rd, Jacksonville, Florida 32218
  • JSO - Community Transition Center, 451 N Catherine St, Jacksonville, FL 32202
  • JSO - Jacksonville Re-Entry Center, 1024 Superior St, Jacksonville, FL 32254
  • Florida DJJ - Duval Regional Juvenile Detention Center, 1241 E 8th St, Jacksonville, FL 32206

County and Local Law Enforcement Public Information

Jacksonville Sheriff's Office, Florida

"A crime-free environment, driven by partnerships with empowered citizens fostering a vibrant community and the success of all individuals..." Address: 501 E Bay St, Jacksonville, FL 32202

Jacksonville Beach Police Department, Florida

"The Jacksonville Beach Police Department is a Gold Standard Commission on Accreditation for Law Enforcement Agencies, Inc. (CALEA) accredited full-service law enforcement agency with..." Address: 101 Penman Rd S, Jacksonville Beach, FL 32250

County and Local Judicial Public Information

Duval County Clerk of the Circuit Courts, Florida

"The office of Clerk of Courts was established by the Florida Constitution as an elected state constitutional officer in 1838. The Clerk of Courts performs a wide range of duties, including record keeping..."

County and Local Government Public Information

Jacksonville, Florida - City Website

"Welcome To Jacksonville! Jacksonville, the largest city in area in the continental United States, is a rapidly growing metropolitan city in Northeast Florida..."

Jacksonville Beach, Florida - City Website

"History: In 1968, the governments of Duval County and the City of Jacksonville consolidated. However, four communities: Jacksonville Beach, Neptune Beach, Atlantic Beach, and the City of Baldwin..."
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