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John Lee Edmundson

Arrest/Booking Date
Date Arrested: 03/22/2023 - about 1 year 9 weeks ago
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John Lee Edmundson
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Daily Arrest/Booking
Past 7 days from date Arrested/Booked 03/22/2023
Daily Arrest/Booking by Gender
Past 7 days from date Arrested/Booked 03/22/2023
Arrest/Booking by Race
February 2023. Month prior to date Arrested/Booked
Public Resources

Local Public Resources

Cities/Communities/Towns in Lincoln County, North Carolina

  • Denver
  • Iron Station
  • Lincolnton
  • Lowesville
  • Westport

Jail Location(s) in Lincoln County, North Carolina

  • County Jail
  • LCSO - Harven A. Crouse Law Enforcement and Detention Center - 700 John Howel Memorial Dr, Lincolnton, NC 28092
  • State Jail
  • NC DPS - Lincoln Correctional Center, 464 Roper Dr, Lincolnton, NC 28092

County and Local Law Enforcement Public Information

Lincoln County Sheriff's Office (LCSO), North Carolina

"Lincoln County Sheriff's Office. News and Announcements..." Address: 700 John Howel Memorial Dr, Lincolnton, NC 28092

Lincolnton Police Department (LPD), North Carolina

"It is the mission of the Lincolnton Police Department to: Establish meaningful working relationships by partnering with all facets of the community. Improve police/community relations by building a bridge of trust between the police and the community, and by changing..." Address: 627 E Main St, Lincolnton, NC 28092

County and Local Judicial Public Information

Lincoln County Courts, North Carolina

"Lincoln County. Explore North Carolina's counties for court services and information, such as courthouse locations, jury service, contacts, and more..."

County and Local Government Public Information

Lincoln County, North Carolina - County Website

"County of Lincoln, NC - Official Website..."

Lincolnton, North Carolina - City Website

"Welcome to Lincolnton. Come discover Lincolnton for yourself! This charming city is steeped in history and located just minutes from I-40 and I-85 in the heart of the North Carolina Piedmont. Lincolnton is ideally located just northwest of Charlotte, where the Queen..."
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