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Arrests in Hidalgo County, Texas

Charge Count
Date (Booked/Arrested)
ID (Booking/Arrest)
Mugshot of Anaisa Danielle Soriano Anaisa Danielle Soriano 1 07/27/2022 G-1210-22
Mugshot of Joe Wally Valdez Joe Wally Valdez 3 07/27/2022 G-1218-22
Mugshot of Ashley Nicole Vasquez Ashley Nicole Vasquez 1 07/26/2022 G-1164-22
Mugshot of Carlos Alejandro Garcia Carlos Alejandro Garcia 1 07/26/2022 G-1181-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Esther De Garza Rojas Esther De Garza Rojas 1 07/26/2022 G-1197-22
Mugshot of Sierra Nicole Villesca Sierra Nicole Villesca 2 07/26/2022 G-1169-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Juanita Rodriguez Salinas Juanita Rodriguez Salinas 1 07/26/2022 G-1186-22
Mugshot of Michelle Annette Mercado Michelle Annette Mercado 1 07/26/2022 G-1202-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Jose Luis Chavez Jose Luis Chavez 1 07/26/2022 G-1175-22
Mugshot of Mario Garcia Salinas Jr Mario Garcia Salinas Jr 1 07/26/2022 G-1191-22
Mugshot of Francisco Javier Vega Francisco Javier Vega 1 07/26/2022 G-1180-22
Mugshot of Jorge Gonzalez Jr Jorge Gonzalez Jr 2 07/26/2022 G-1196-22
Mugshot of Emmanuel Nava Garcia Emmanuel Nava Garcia 1 07/26/2022 G-1168-22
Mugshot of Rene Alfred Pena Jr Rene Alfred Pena Jr 1 07/26/2022 G-1185-22
Mugshot of Vanessa Christine Gonzalez Vanessa Christine Gonzalez 1 07/26/2022 G-1201-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Esteban Lerma Esteban Lerma 1 07/26/2022 G-1174-22
Mugshot of Miguel Morin Miguel Morin 1 07/26/2022 G-1190-22
Mugshot of Juan Ricardo Hernandez Juan Ricardo Hernandez 1 07/26/2022 G-1206-22
Mugshot of Armando Villarreal Arispe Jr Armando Villarreal Arispe Jr 1 07/26/2022 G-1179-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Benjamin Villarreal Jr Benjamin Villarreal Jr 1 07/26/2022 G-1195-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Cristobal Stephan Garzez Cristobal Stephan Garzez 1 07/26/2022 G-1167-22
Mugshot of Danny Allen Kuhnly Danny Allen Kuhnly 2 07/26/2022 G-1184-22
Mugshot of Isidro Ruiz Isidro Ruiz 1 07/26/2022 G-1200-22
Mugshot of Gabriela Hernandez Gabriela Hernandez 1 07/26/2022 G-1173-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Marisleidi Hernandez Marisleidi Hernandez 1 07/26/2022 G-1189-22