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Arrests in Hidalgo County, Texas

Charge Count
Date (Booked/Arrested)
ID (Booking/Arrest)
Mugshot of Robert Glenn Argabight Robert Glenn Argabight 1 05/05/2022 E-231-22
Mugshot of Gene Earl Murray Gene Earl Murray 2 05/05/2022 E-181-22
Mugshot of Mike Hernandez Garcia Mike Hernandez Garcia 1 05/05/2022 E-215-22
Mugshot of Andres Perez Reyes Andres Perez Reyes 1 05/05/2022 E-204-22
Mugshot of Roy Cuellar Roy Cuellar 1 05/05/2022 E-220-22
Mugshot of Miguel Angel Polanco Miguel Angel Polanco 2 05/05/2022 E-225-22
Mugshot of Daniella Karen Pena Daniella Karen Pena 2 05/05/2022 E-209-22
Mugshot of Hector Ivan Jimenez Hector Ivan Jimenez 1 05/05/2022 E-230-22
Mugshot of Isaias Damian Diego Isaias Damian Diego 1 05/05/2022 E-179-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Erick Froilan Salinas Erick Froilan Salinas 2 05/05/2022 E-214-22
Mugshot of Andres Ivan Gonzalez Quintanilla Andres Ivan Gonzalez Quintanilla 2 05/05/2022 E-236-22
Mugshot of Israel Hernandez Ramirez Israel Hernandez Ramirez 2 05/05/2022 E-203-22
Mugshot of Carlos Alberto Grajeda Tellez Carlos Alberto Grajeda Tellez 1 05/05/2022 E-219-22
Mugshot of Arnulfo Rios Arnulfo Rios 1 05/05/2022 E-224-22
Mugshot of Jesus Alberto Trevino Jesus Alberto Trevino 1 05/05/2022 E-208-22
Mugshot of Gerardo Rojas Gerardo Rojas 1 05/05/2022 E-229-22
Mugshot of Cynthia Lyanna Mendoza Cynthia Lyanna Mendoza 1 05/05/2022 E-213-22
Mugshot of Marco Antonio Lerma Marco Antonio Lerma 1 05/05/2022 E-235-22
Mugshot of Jose Martin Martinez Jr Jose Martin Martinez Jr 1 05/05/2022 E-202-22
Mugshot of Carlos Rubio Rivera Carlos Rubio Rivera 1 05/05/2022 E-218-22
Mugshot of Jose Luis Salinas Jose Luis Salinas 3 05/05/2022 E-223-22
Mugshot of Ernesto Hinojosa Ernesto Hinojosa 1 05/05/2022 E-207-22
Mugshot of Trinity Brady Trinity Brady 1 05/05/2022 E-228-22
Mugshot of Maria Antonia Vargas Maria Antonia Vargas 1 05/05/2022 E-212-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Jennifer Shujey Aguirre Jennifer Shujey Aguirre 1 05/05/2022 E-234-22