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Arrests in Hidalgo County, Texas

Charge Count
Date (Booked/Arrested)
ID (Booking/Arrest)
Mugshot of Ruben Perez Alvarez Ruben Perez Alvarez 1 07/25/2022 G-1155-22
Mugshot of Bernardo Badillo III Bernardo Badillo III 3 07/25/2022 G-1123-22
Mugshot of Heriberto Ramirez Jr Heriberto Ramirez Jr 1 07/25/2022 G-1139-22
Jail Records Screenshot of David Kevin Lara David Kevin Lara 2 07/25/2022 G-1160-22
Mugshot of Roberto Centeno Hernandez Roberto Centeno Hernandez 1 07/25/2022 G-1128-22
Mugshot of Ruben Gonzalez Jr Ruben Gonzalez Jr 1 07/25/2022 G-1144-22
Mugshot of Jesus Baltazar Pena Jesus Baltazar Pena 1 07/25/2022 G-1133-22
Mugshot of Jose Ignacio Ocanas Jr Jose Ignacio Ocanas Jr 1 07/25/2022 G-1149-22
Mugshot of Raul Hernandez Jr Raul Hernandez Jr 1 07/25/2022 G-1154-22
Mugshot of Edna Berenice Puente Edna Berenice Puente 1 07/25/2022 G-1122-22
Mugshot of Alessandro Gonzalez Alessandro Gonzalez 1 07/25/2022 G-1138-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Pedro Joel Garcia Carre Pedro Joel Garcia Carre 1 07/25/2022 G-1159-22
Mugshot of Maximo Suarez Maximo Suarez 1 07/25/2022 G-1127-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Juan Dias Puente Juan Dias Puente 1 07/25/2022 G-1143-22
Mugshot of Abel Andres Ramirez Abel Andres Ramirez 1 07/25/2022 G-1132-22
Mugshot of Gilbert Felix Salinas Acevedo Gilbert Felix Salinas Acevedo 1 07/25/2022 G-1148-22
Mugshot of Angela Renee Garza Angela Renee Garza 1 07/25/2022 G-1153-22
Mugshot of Jessica Yvonne Bernal Jessica Yvonne Bernal 1 07/25/2022 G-1119-22
Mugshot of Anwer Lee Phillips Anwer Lee Phillips 1 07/25/2022 G-1137-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Jacob Alexander Sosa Jacob Alexander Sosa 1 07/25/2022 G-1158-22
Mugshot of Juan Carlos Torres Juan Carlos Torres 1 07/25/2022 G-1126-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Ramon Garcia Jr Ramon Garcia Jr 3 07/25/2022 G-1142-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Ruben Ramirez Jr Ruben Ramirez Jr 1 07/25/2022 G-1163-22
Mugshot of Jason Gonzalez Jason Gonzalez 1 07/25/2022 G-1131-22
Mugshot of Brenda De La Rosa Brenda De La Rosa 1 07/25/2022 G-1147-22