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Arrests in Hidalgo County, Texas

Charge Count
Date (Booked/Arrested)
ID (Booking/Arrest)
Mugshot of Nori Judah Martinez Nori Judah Martinez 1 07/25/2022 G-1152-22
Mugshot of Luis Raylo Gonzalez Luis Raylo Gonzalez 1 07/25/2022 G-1114-22
Mugshot of Noe Benavides Jr Noe Benavides Jr 1 07/25/2022 G-1136-22
Mugshot of Jorge Contreras Jorge Contreras 1 07/25/2022 G-1157-22
Mugshot of Jesus Horacio Zivec Jesus Horacio Zivec 1 07/25/2022 G-1125-22
Mugshot of Alvaro Zuniga Alvaro Zuniga 1 07/25/2022 G-1141-22
Mugshot of Alejandro Campos Alejandro Campos 1 07/25/2022 G-1162-22
Mugshot of Juan Gomez Juan Gomez 1 07/25/2022 G-1130-22
Mugshot of Julie De La Rosa Julie De La Rosa 1 07/25/2022 G-1146-22
Mugshot of Roberto Loza Roberto Loza 1 07/25/2022 G-1151-22
Mugshot of Juan Antonio Garza Juan Antonio Garza 1 07/25/2022 G-1113-22
Mugshot of Jovaughn Antonio Castillo Jovaughn Antonio Castillo 1 07/25/2022 G-1135-22
Mugshot of Joaquin Emerehildo Mendez Joaquin Emerehildo Mendez 1 07/25/2022 G-1156-22
Mugshot of Daniel Garza Jr Daniel Garza Jr 1 07/25/2022 G-1124-22
Mugshot of Jahir Lopez Jahir Lopez 1 07/25/2022 G-1140-22
Mugshot of Ram Cuellar Ram Cuellar 1 07/24/2022 G-1096-22
Jail Records Screenshot of Marisol Lugo Marisol Lugo 1 07/24/2022 G-1115-22
Mugshot of Adrian Guadalupe Marroquin Adrian Guadalupe Marroquin 1 07/24/2022 G-1080-22
Mugshot of Luis Humberto Calderon Luis Humberto Calderon 1 07/24/2022 G-1101-22
Mugshot of Luis Jesus Linares Luis Jesus Linares 1 07/24/2022 G-1121-22
Mugshot of Josiah Jay Montanez Josiah Jay Montanez 1 07/24/2022 G-1085-22
Mugshot of Desmond Ortiz Desmond Ortiz 1 07/24/2022 G-1106-22
Mugshot of Eduardo Martinez Eduardo Martinez 1 07/24/2022 G-1090-22
Mugshot of Jaime Vasquez Jr Jaime Vasquez Jr 1 07/24/2022 G-1095-22
Mugshot of Noe Antonio Lopez Noe Antonio Lopez 1 07/24/2022 G-1112-22